Laser Cut Bowls

Our laser cut bowls are made with premium hardwoods and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our 3D printed art is is currently available directly from us in natural and black. Some of our 3D printed pieces are also available from online manufacturers.

laser cut bowls

Our Company

Rialta Designs is a design and creation company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializing in use of high technology to create beautiful and intriguing pieces of art for everyday use.

Our Team
Scott Leslie works in a variety of technologies and materials to create beautiful and useful pieces or art. He specializes in design for 3D printing in a way that is customizable for each person. He also does a considerable amount of design work for laser cut wood and acrylic art. His other interests include woodworking and photography.

Shannon Leslie assists in the design and creation of our products and in business development.

Our Background

Scott Leslie has a degree in mathematics from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Shannon Leslie has a masters degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University.